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Aquarium FishTank Background Juwel poster 1 Large

Aquarium FishTank Background Juwel poster 1 Large

Aquarium Juwel Background Poster 1 Large

  • Juwel Aquarium Background / Backdrop
  • Size 100cm tall x 50cm wide approximately
  • Easy to trim if needed
  • A great product for covering unsightly wires and wall covering at the back of the Aquarium
  • Juwel Posters are printed on both sides and offer a simple and highly effective background design for your aquarium, with attractive themes.

Aquarium Tip

This is a high quality background, the background / backdrop goes on the outside of the Aquarium and needs to be put on with Adhesive.

We also sell the Juwel Adhesive for the Aquarium Backgrounds



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