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Aquarium Vibrance Plastic Plant XL Pink Elatine / Hygrophila 28219

Aquarium Vibrance Plastic Plant XL Pink Elatine / Hygrophila 28219

Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration Plastic Plant Vibrance Range

  • Vibrance Plastic Plant  Pink Elatine / Hygrophilawith Gravel Base 

  • Extra Large plastic plant
  • Size 35cm x 45cm approximately
  • Stunning plant
  • This plant is thick and bushy and looks fabulous 
  • A great plant for young fry to hide in
  • Self supporting plant with a gravel base so it will not float away
  • Easy to clean,tough and realistic looking
  • Can be used with real plants, Silk plants and Plastic Plants

Aquarium Tip

This great looking Bright plant will look great in any aquarium.To clean wash in warm soapy water and rinse well, these plants can keep for years.The Vibrance plants can create stunning Aquascape landscapes with new thick, bushy plants in the most vibrant colours.These top quality plants are 100% safe for all fish and are supported by a sturdy natural looking gravel base.Ranging from 20cm high to 45cm high with a fabulously wide range of colours and styles.

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